Fun Fit Meets Mental Wellbeing


Rediscover the Retro Joy of Hula Hooping

At YOUPHORIA we’re all about shaking off the serious and filling up on whatever makes you feel good.

August is the month to hit pause, slow down, holiday and play. It’s for that reason that we’ve decided to skip our regular workouts and rediscover the retro fun of the humble hula hoop.

Here are three reasons why you should seriously consider grabbing a ring and enjoying the swing this summer…

1) Your core will thank you for it

Sometimes you just need to give HIIT the heave-ho and walk away from the weights.  Nothing will engage your core more than a fun hula hooping workout. Not only is this low-impact workout kind to your joints, but it will ramp up your heart rate and strengthen your abs.

Or, if counting calories is your thing, did you know that one happy hour of hula hooping burns as many calories as running on a treadmill? We know how we’d rather spend that hour…

2) It’s a magical moving meditation

By focusing on the repetitive movement of swinging the hoop from hip to hip, you’ll soon move into playful dance and state of flow. You’ll be able to let go of any unnecessary thoughts as you concentrate on maintaining the rhythmic swing in time to the beat. Expect to feel less stressed and anxious in just a few turns.

3) It’s cheap n’ cheerful

All you need is a little space to sway and your choice of hoop. Hula hooping is accessible to anyone and everyone, no matter your ability, size or age. Get a little nostalgic, play and let go. It’s a little silly and good for the soul!

Top tip

Invest in a LED hoop, crank up your favourite disco tunes and invite your friends or kiddos in your back garden to instantly create a mini festival vibe. Leopard print bodysuits are optional…

If we’ve convinced you to bring some play into your workout, be sure to check out our very own hoop troupe, The Majorettes, at our first YOUPHORIA weekender in May.

As part of our Fun Fit zone, you’ll be able to enjoy one of our interactive workshops to help you hoop. Or if you don’t fancy joining in, we guarantee you’ll be mesmerised by their synchronised choreographies.

Did you know they also hold the world record for the most hoops spun by a group of ten? 299 hoops to be exact!

Check out the Majorettes Insta for some workout inspo here.