It’s Time to Take Ten


Despite leaving formal education many moons ago, we can’t shake off those September ‘back to school’ vibes.

It’s just the perfect time to hit reset and start introducing a little more wellness and a moment of calm into our daily lives.  

However, it’s all about setting an achievable goal. We guarantee that once day four hits, the motivation to ‘run 10km everyday’ or ‘wake up at 6am for a yoga class’ will dwindle. Cue overwhelm, exhaustion and boredom, shortly followed by guilt. 

But dear YOUPHORITES we have a magical solution for you…

  • Step One: Ditch the heavy, weighty goals – we don’t need to add any more time-intensive must-dos and should-dos onto the list
  • Step Two: Pick a time and place each day (whether that’s your bed, your office chair, the sofa…) and take 10 minutes to just do some yoga stretching, meditation or mindful breathing

10 minutes per day of yoga and meditation is all you need to kick start a new positive wellness routine.

10 tiny minutes!

‘Is that enough?!’ we hear you cry

Yes! Yes it is. Here’s why…

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, argues that taking the time to improve by just 1% on your goals each day will lead to greatness.

While your daily 1% improvements won’t feel notable or noticable, as time goes on, those small improvements will compound into something magical and life changing. 

It’s the idea that something is better than nothing as they say! 

Think how much better you’ll feel after taking a daily 10 of yoga and mindfulness for the rest of the year… 

You can roll out your mat and pull on some leggings or have you ever tried bed yoga before? Trust us, try it tonight for a deep sleep!

Alternatively, take the advice of Filmmaker and YouTuber Matt D’Avella and commit to the ‘two day rule’.

Essentially, never go more than two days without making progress on your goal (even if that’s 5-10 minutes). 

We’re all about filling up on the feel good here at YOUPHORIA and we can’t wait to welcome you in May for our jam-packed wellness weekender of fun festival vibes. 

Until then, cut yourself some slack, lower the pressure, remove the barriers and just take 10 minutes to give your body what it needs to feel good. 

You’ll thank us for it!