Why we’re sober curious this October


​​Alcohol can be wonderful, can’t it?

It can help us relax after a stressful day or week at work. It helps us mark the milestone moments – birthdays, promotions, weddings – with a celebratory clank of glasses. It even gives us some good old fashioned Dutch courage when we need to turn off the self-conscious switch. 

But sometimes, the unwelcome headaches and the hangovers become a little too tricky to handle and all too frequent. Everytime we vow ‘never again!’

Here at YOUPHORIA we’re all about filling up on the feel good and finding healthy ways to hit a YOUPHORIC high. That’s why this October we’re going to explore being ‘sober curious’. 

Sober Curious? What the heck does that mean?

In short, being ‘sober curious’ is to consider what encourages you to reach for a drink – what triggers and impulses do you encounter? 

It gives us permission to ask ‘do I really want alcohol right now? Or am I mindlessly following society’s drinking culture norms.’ 

Some of you may be thinking, ‘God that sounds dull and difficult…’

To think of it as a joyless challenge and lifestyle will definitely hinder your chances of giving it a good go. However, if you approach it from a place of curiosity it will prove to be an interesting experiment. 

Even though we will be gently hitting the breaks on the boozing this month, we’re still planning to enjoy a good dose of fun and silliness. 

Our Fun Fit headliner and rave partner, Morning Gloryville, has pioneered sober morning dance parties for years and provided some incredible inspo on Instagram. They’re responsible for bringing conscious clubbing to the world and making it a judgement free space.

Every year Macmillan Cancer also challenges the nation to go ‘Sober For October’ encouraging people to avoid the booze for a month. We think it’s a wonderful initiative which is why we’re exploring being sober curious this month. We also pledge to donate 10%  from every ticket sale this month to the cause.